Duration Media’s Viewability-as-a-Service™ (VaaS™) is designed to substantially increase HIGHLY VIEWABLE ad inventory and revenue for premium publishers.

Digital Media Buyers benefit. Their ads are delivered in Brand Safe, Fraud Free environments with an average viewability score of over 85%.

Publishers only pay a SaaS fee on sold impressions.

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Proven Success in Increasing High Value Ad Inventory and Revenue for Premium Publishers.

Don’t just take our word for it, check out what our clients are saying about Duration Media.

Media News Group

“We have utilized Duration Media to increase our bottom-line revenue by taking advantage of their technology and best-in-class market strategy. They provide us with the ability to focus on our business by providing prompt payments, fast resolutions to issues, and continue to bring innovative ideas to help our business grow.”
— Jason Tate, Director, Programmatic & Partnership Development


“I am a big fan of Duration Media’s marketplace and their executive team. Duration Media has been a valued partner and uniquely, they have under-promised and over delivered since day one. Their technology is light and easy to deploy and we are thrilled with the premium CPM’s and pure incremental revenue they provide to our bottom line. I highly recommend them to any publisher looking to improve their yield with a light operational lift.”
— Lincoln Gunn/ Head of Operations and Partnerships at Fandom

Influent Media

“Here at Influent we aim to work with and utilise the best demand partners for our publishers, Duration Media have proved to be just that! In a not so competitive niche that is ad refresh, Duration Media have doubled performance metrics we were seeing from another partner across extra ad requests to bought impressions and CPM. Duration Media are now a much valued partner and we absolutely love working with Simon and his team to open up new opportunities for growth and increase yield on the second highly viewable auction. The integration is easy to deploy and we were guided expertly by the team. I highly recommend them to any publisher looking to improve their programmatic performance”
— Vik Bassi / UK Publisher Manager at Influent Media.


Duration Media provides Premium Publishers with world class software solutions that have proven to create ONLY highly viewable ad impressions (averaging 85%+ viewability), in real time, substantially increasing inventory and revenue. Publishers can license our VaaS -Viewability as a Service™ software to use for their own demand. They can also have Duration Media sell impressions created through our Highly Viewable Marketplace.



Finally an Ad Tech solution that is good for Publishers AND Advertisers. Buyers get what they want…Ads that are on Average 85%+ Viewable for a minimum of one-second, with a fully engaged user, for up to 30 seconds of view time. Brand Safe, fully viewable with NO Ad Fraud or BOTS. Learn how to Buy ONLY Highly Viewable Ad Impressions. Click below!

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Duration Media LLC.

With a global presence in New York, London, Los Angeles and Miami and solid funding from experienced digital media investors, Duration Media has established itself as The Leader in providing Brand Safe, Highly Viewable Ad Inventory to benefit both buyers and sellers. Learn more about our world class ad tech solutions. Click below to learn more.

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