Duration Media Introduces Sequency™

Ad Tech That Reduces Carbon Emissions

Finally, an Ad Tech That Actually Reduces Carbon Emissions

Duration Media’s Sequency™ is a carbon reductive technology that makes digital campaigns more environmentally efficient. So rather than measuring and buying an offset, the emissions are reduced at the source

Sequency™ offers the demand side reduced carbon emissions while offering buying efficiencies and increases the time their ads are in view and the attention they receive 

Publishers benefit with increased income from Green PMPs or PG deals

Sequency™ is digital media’s answer to reducing Carbon Emissions by removing the waste of duplicative Cookie Syncing, and multiple SSP, DSP & DMP calls

Instead of a new Ad Tax to offset emissions, Sequency™ provides digital media stakeholders a solution to reduce in its carbon emissions

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A Solution for a Sustainable Future

Award Winning Ad Tech

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