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Who We Are

The industry leader in providing brand safe, highly viewable premium ad inventory.

Duration Media is a leading global ad tech company with patented technology and multiple software applications for the digital media industry. In four short years Duration has built an innovative suite of products.

Duration Media has a global presence in New York, Philadelphia, London, Miami, Los Angeles & Scottsdale, Arizona, and solid funding from experienced digital media investors.
Our relationships with major demand partners have propelled Duration Media to a leadership position in providing ONLY Highly Viewable Ad Inventory to benefit both Buyers AND Sellers.

What We Do

Unlock The Value Of Viewable Ad Impressions

Our newly launched HVAX™, the Duration Media Highly Viewable
Ad Exchange, successfully addresses the longstanding challenge
of poor viewability of digital advertising. HVAX™ GUARANTEES
every ad impression available in the exchange will be highly
viewable, in real-time, when the bid is submitted. With this latest product offering, Duration Media has created a unique supply path to the highest quality, highest performing impressions in the industry.


Our VaaS™ – Viewability as a Service™ technology provides web publishers with a world-class solution, enabling them to increase their digital ad inventory and revenue by 20-50%, while at the same time proving to advertisers that their ads have been delivered in fraud-free brand safe environments, and are achieving viewability of 85+% with engaged users.

We recently added dVaaS™ (Demand Viewability as a Service) to the portfolio, an innovation that puts the control of viewability performance directly in the hands of buyers. This innovative technology provides a powerful tool for marketers, advertising agencies and DSPs to achieve even their most ambitious viewability KPIs effectively and efficiently. This disruptive solution promises to
increase ROI for advertisers in every category.

Ask About Our New Video Product

Duration’s #Trending video technology, now in beta testing, will soon be in market and available to publishers seeking incremental topical content and revenue from highly valuable video demand.

Duration’s #Trending video technology, now in beta testing, will
soon be in market and available to publishers seeking incremental
topical content and revenue from highly valuable video demand.

Meet Our Expert Team

Black and white image of Andy Batkin

Andy Batkin

Chief Executive Officer

As CEO of Duration Media, Mr. Batkin leads a team of seasoned digital media professionals who have, together,  built a world class ad tech software company that delivers incremental revenue products for premium publishers worldwide. >

black and white image of Gary Herman

Gary Herman

Chief Revenue Officer

Gary Herman is a network television and digital advertising senior executive with over 25 years of experience. He has expertise in leading the advertising sales departments for startups including Scripps Networks DIY Network, and Fine Living Network. >

Black and white image of Bruce Brandfon

Bruce Brandfon

Chief Media Officer

Bruce has broad experience in the media industry including as EVP of WebSpectator, Managing Director of Publicitas, VP Publisher and CRO at Scientific American, Director of Advertising of Newsweek, and senior advertising management roles at Time Inc. >

Black and white image of Andrew Pancer

Andrew Pancer

Chief Financial Officer

Andrew has over 22 years experience in digital publishing and digital advertising. Prior to joining Duration Media, Andrew was the COO of MailOnline, the successful digital platform for the Daily Mail. >

Black and white image of Simon Taylor

Simon Taylor

Managing Director, EMEA

Simon’s background in the marketing and advertising industry is firmly international, having held senior positions managing operations in Europe, Middle East, North America, and LatAm. >

Black and white image of Mike Hannon

Mike Hannon

Chief Technology Officer

Mike is a senior executive with over 20 years of professional experience specifically focused within digital advertising and technology. >

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Duration Media is an ad tech software company curating only highly viewable ad impressions that benefits both buyers and sellers. Learn more about how we can best work together.