Publishers Earn 100% of Revenue

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Duration Media is doing its part to help Publishers. You receive 100% of the revenue earned in Q2 and Q3, while YOUR buyers are rewarded with highly viewable ad impressions that average 89.6% viewability.

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Today, Duration Media
brings you some welcome good news!

We know many publishers have seen a large drop in digital ad revenue.  In this uncertain environment we wanted to do our part and provide you with an incremental revenue solution that will be quite useful now and help mitigate your ad revenue losses!

The Revenue Solution

Since COVID-19 Duration Media has seen a 30% increase in impressions and a 24.7% drop in fill rate. This unique combination of activity has enabled us to create a 100% Revenue Share opportunity for Publishers in Q2 and Q3.

Two Bites at The Apple to Drive Incremental Revenues

Duration Media’s core business finds, mines and monetizes a sizable amount of highly viewable ad impressions on our publisher sites. We will continue to monetize, under our existing rev share agreement, a significant amount of those impressions in our 2nd auction with our multiple demand sources.

Our offer to publishers is to send back to you anything we do not sell. This will enable you to continue to earn the incremental revenue Duration Media provides as well as 100% of the revenue from the impressions that you sell. No doubt this will mitigate some of the current lost revenue.

You will be able to monetize these impressions through your own direct or programmatic demand. Duration Media will forgo our agreed upon revenue share during Q2 and Q3, for those impressions that you sell.

This will enable you to receive 100% of this incremental revenue.

In addition, as an added benefit, these ad impressions will “hit” your ad server, so you will receive the credit of 90% viewability, which will increase your site’s overall viewability score and increase your cpms.

The Setup

It is a simple four step process for us to find, mine and monetize highly viewable ad impressions on your site. Onboard our small JS tag anywhere on your page, add our ads.txt file, approve the Google Authorization form and provide us passback tags.  It is that easy!

Anything we don’t sell in our auction will be passbacked to you. You will sell to your own demand and retain 100% of the revenue through Q2 and Q3 2020.

At the end of this lengthy period, we will revert back to our normal rev share agreement on all passback revenue.


As Duration Media’s focus is finding and mining ONLY highly viewable ad impressions and creating incremental revenue solutions for our premium publishers, we are one of the few ad tech vendors that are actually thriving in this market. We feel very fortunate to be able to offer this revenue generation solution to you during this uncertain period of time.

We hope the incremental revenue will be helpful, but above all please be safe and healthy!