Who You Are & Why Transact with Sequency™

You are a publisher who is looking for more Direct Demand, PG and PMP revenue. You also want to be a participant in the digital media industry’s attempt to lower carbon emissions.

What’s the best way to accomplish your goals and to meet and exceed your KPIs? 

Simply offer Duration Media’s Sequency™ decarbonization ad tech solution to your buyers.

How Sequency™ Can Increase Revenue?


Offer Duration’s Sequency™ as a PMP or PG Deal

Sell in a new “Green” PMP or PG deal at premium cpms enabling publishers to increase direct demand, while lowering the effective cpm for buyers


Reduce Carbon Emissions

As more and more brands and agencies are looking to reduce carbon emissions Sequency™ is a must have for all publishers to attract more direct “Green” ad spend that actually reduces carbon emissions versus selling offsets



Serve ONLY Highly Viewable Ad Impressions

As buyers can set the Duration of the time in-view Sequency™ enables publishers to serve ONLY highly viewable ad impressions for the specific amount of time in-view specified by the buyer

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