Who You Are

You are a publisher who wants the benefits of higher viewability. You may also want an incremental supply of viewable impressions to fill direct campaigns. What’s the best way to accomplish your goals and to meet and exceed your KPIs?  Implement Duration Media’s Viewability as a Service™ and place those high value impressions in HVAX™ – The Duration Media Highly Viewable Ad Exchange…a unique supply path of ONLY highly viewable impressions!

Three Options To Increase Viewability and Revenue


Deploy Duration’s VaaS™

Use our Viewabiity as a Service™ to identify an incremental supply of highly viewable impressions to monetize from the publisher’s own instance of GAM


Use HVAX™ to Monetize

Our exchange will monetize your highly viewable impressions created by other third-parties or publisher’s own internal solutions.



Duration Media Demand

Integrate Duration Media patented ad tech to find, mine & monetize incremental supply of highly viewable impressions from Duration Media’s GAM

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