Publishers Get Paid Net 7

Duration Media Offers Quick Pay

Today, Duration Media
brings you some welcome good news!

We know many publishers have recently seen vendors stretch out their payments to an uncomfortable level.  In this uncertain environment we wanted to do our part and provide Publishers with a QUICK PAY solution that will be quite useful now and help with your cash flow!

The Quick Pay Solution

Since COVID-19 Duration Media has seen a 30% increase in impressions. This unique and sizable increase has enabled us to create a QUICK PAY solution.

What is Quick Pay?

Duration Media’s core business finds, mines and monetizes a sizable amount of highly viewable ad impressions on our publisher sites. Each ad sold has, on average, 90% viewability!

Our offer to publishers is simple. We will pay Net 7 to any Publisher that On Boards with Duration Media before the end of December, 2020.

This will enable you to earn substantial incremental revenue and get paid just a week after the month has ended.

No doubt this will help with your cash flow!

The Setup

It is a simple three step process for us to find, mine and monetize highly viewable ad impressions on your site. Onboard our small JS tag anywhere on your page, add our ads.txt file, and approve the Google Authorization form.  It is that easy!


As Duration Media’s focus is finding and mining ONLY highly viewable ad impressions and creating incremental revenue solutions for our premium publishers, we are one of the few ad tech vendors that are actually thriving in this market.

We feel very fortunate to be able to offer this QUICK PAY solution to you during this uncertain period of time. If you would like to learn more please fill out the simple form below.

Be safe and healthy!

Interested in Quick Pay?

Duration Media is doing its part to help Publishers.

All Pubs that on-board with Duration Media by the end of December, receive their substantial incremental revenues 7 days after the month is over… while your buyers are rewarded with purchasing ONLY highly viewable ad impressions that average 89.6% viewability.

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