Who You Are & Why Invest?

You’re an advertiser who wants highly viewable ad impressions with results that positively impact your KPIs and sales. Duration Media provides advertisers with the opportunity to buy only viewable ad impressions from our vast Premium Publisher Marketplace.


Enhanced Performance

Advertisers enjoy enhanced performance across all of their KPIs including for viewability, brand lift, and CTR.


85+% Viewability

Impressions available from Duration Media average 85+% viewability as measured by third parties.


Quality Publisher Domains

The premium publisher domains that make up the Duration Media marketplace have been individually vetted for quality by Duration’s experts. Additionally these publishers are being screened by Confiant to detect fraud and validate content.


Knowledge Gain

Advertisers can benefit substantially from the knowledge that the impressions they purchase will exceed viewability standards established by the MRC and IAB.


Brand-Safe Environments

The advertising will appear in brand-safe editorial environments and is guaranteed to be viewable by readers engaged in relevant content.

Real-Time Reporting

Duration Media provides ad impressions that average 85+% viewability as measured by 3rd parties, MRC accredited real-time analytics. Duration Media reporting will verify that your ads have been in-view with a fully engaged user for up to 30 seconds of view time.

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